Fintex creates bespoke lending programs in alternative credit.

A new approach to the income challenge

Generating attractive income is challenging, especially for large investors. Returns available in traditional credit are neither exciting nor sufficient given the risks involved.

Alternative lending opens new opportunities. However, it is a complex asset class requiring thorough expertise and proper focus. Fintex has both.

Our innovative structuring and technology provides us with direct access to new, higher yielding loan portfolios built on traditional credit analysis using large data sets and 21st century analytics.

Our universe includes handpicked fintech lending platforms as well as traditional borrowers and originators.

We only invest where:

  • We can identify attractive risk returns.
  • Our proprietary technology offers granular insights into individual portfolios.
  • Our credit structuring expertise enables us to build robust protection to minimise risk.
A lending program is very different from an individual loan. Fintex lending programs systematically create bespoke, coherent credit portfolios for continuous repeat investments.

The key benefits are:

  • Consistently high levels of capital utilisation
  • Constant and predictable investments
  • Low cash drag
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Pool granularity

Fintex lending programs

Fintex Capital's business is one-of-a-kind.
Our strategy stands on three pillars:


Proven ability to wrap large, unwieldy loan portfolios into simple, tailor-made bonds. This makes our alternative credit investments hassle-free for fixed income investors. They can take part in specific lending programs or in diversified funds, which each participate in multiple lending programs of the same currency.


Fintex conceives and creates bespoke risk management technology, tailor-made to suit each Fintex lending program. By doing so we express a long-term commitment to our business: to constantly add value in managing risk. Risk monitoring and reporting to a top class standard is integral to our DNA.


Our team offers a unique combination: Deep credit expertise, a thorough understanding of structured capital markets and long-standing principal investment experience within each Fintex Capital strategy. Our team has many years of experience in alternative credit and has an in-depth understanding of securitisation markets, real estate, consumer finance and structured credit.

We approach the alternative credit universe with a unique combination of infrastructure, innovation and capability. This combination is immensely powerful.

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