Technology is at the heart of our business

At Fintex, technology plays an important role - in many ways.

Tech in
We often lend to businesses which, if not for the fintech revolution, would not exist

Tech in Portfolio Management
Proprietary systems to manage portfolios and forecast cashflows

Tech in Risk Management
We embrace AI and automate credit processes to reduce the risk of human error and balance automation with the benefits of human underwriting

Tech in
Bespoke tech tools to report with data clarity, transparency and digital convenience in a 21st century way

Proprietary software to minimise risk

Custom-made tech tools:
We design and develops proprietary software, tailor-made to manage and quantify risks
Smart analytics:
Our tools enable us to slice & dice our data and create sophisticated Early Warning Indicators
Centralised data hub:
We work closely with borrowers and partners to process loan level data through our data hub
Data validation tools:
All data must adhere to pre-set data standards

Smart tech sends actionable signals

Data clarity, transparency and digital convenience in a 21st century way.

  • Fintex develops its own systems to actively manage risks, growth and cashflows
  • To achieve strong and lasting credit integrity, we take an active approach at all times
  • Our investors can sit back, knowing our team is monitoring all investments 24/7

Many of our processes are automated, but our credit decisions are manual.
This way, we combine the best of human and tech.

Fintex: Tech & Human

At Fintex, tech is key. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and so is manual underwriting.
For the best of both, we thoughtfully balance credit process automation with human underwriting.

Reporting tools

We develop smart reporting tools in-house to deliver to our team and our investors data clarity, transparency and digital convenience in a 21st century way

  • FFT: The Fabulous Fintex Tool
  • FiRE: The Fintex Reporting Experience
  • Fund investors have direct access to relevant info about the fund and underlying portfolios
  • They can view and analyse the fund and its investments at their convenience, 24/7
  • Interactive dashboards: performance, distributions, statistics and analysis

I’m LISA, nice to meet you!

We are particularly proud of LISA.
We created LISA having recognised the need in the market for a deep and versatile data analytics and credit monitoring infrastructure for granular loan portfolios

  • Fintex started developing LISA in 2016, in response to a specific need for Fintex Origin
  • LISA provides an instant diagnosis of the portfolio’s credit health
  • LISA delivers accuracy and efficiency
  • LISA enables our trained credit analysts to identify which portfolios and subportfolios deserve further scrutiny
  • A version of LISA is available to Fintex Origin investors

Fintex was created to provide data clarity, transparency and
digital convenience in a 21st century way.

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