Attractive returns and high diversification with low risk

We are successfully investing money on behalf of institutions and family offices looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

We offer:

High yields, stable income

Low risk and strong diversification

Deep insights into under-banked markets

Proprietary tech tools for hassle free onboarding and reporting

Proven track record of outperformance against ambitious targets

Superior track record

Fintex is a nimble lender in attractive market niches.

We continue to deliver attractive returns to generates steady income. Our facilities achieve highly attractive risk-adjusted returns, with comparably little volatility and modest risk.

Fintex consistently delivers premium returns. That’s because our investments are a little more complex and quite a bit harder to originate. As a result, less capital pursues the opportunities we get excited about.

Socially responsible investments

Our investments are impactful, and we are committed to finding innovative ways to invest responsibly while generating attractive returns for our investors.

At Fintex, we believe that investing responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. That’s why we specialise in the “S” in ESG - social responsibility. We believe that companies that prioritise social responsibility are more likely to create long-term value and sustainable growth. That’s why we actively seek out investments that align with our values and investment philosophy. We’re proud to be a responsible investor and to make a positive impact on the world through our investments.

Transparent Reporting

For too long Private Debt investors have been forced to put up with next to no transparency.

At Fintex, we bring transparency and data clarity to private debt investing with our digital investor reporting platform called FiRE.

Smart tech

Leveraging the power of technology, we enhance every aspect of our operations.

From risk reduction to cashflow modelling, from investor onboarding to reporting and monitoring, we leverage technology to streamline and enhance every aspect of our operations.

Why Fintex?

Leveraging the power of technology, we enhance every aspect of our operations.

Borrower access

Risk Management

Proprietary Tech

Expertise & Experience

Cost Efficiency

Lending Programmes

A proven track record of delivering steady, attractive returns and outperformance against

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