Welcome to Fintex Capital

A unique investment firm in alternative credit

A specialist lender in alternative credit

With diligent underwriting, our experienced team structures & manages all our investments.
We leverage technology and reduce risk to deliver attractive returns and stable income.

Designed for institutions

From the very outset, Fintex Capital was designed to meet institutional standards. A growing pool of banks, insurers and asset managers recognises that Fintex investments offer:

• Attractive risk-adjusted returns
• Hassle-free format
• Top-quality risk management
• Very quick time to market

We also manage money for family offices

In addition to our institutional mandates, Fintex also manages funds for sophisticated family offices.

Robust systems & controls, skin in the game and properly aligned interests are all part of our DNA.

Fintex Capital: The art of lending

In the world of private credit, the art of lending is to strike the optimal balance in the relationship with our borrowers. We need to stay close to them, and maintain a healthy distance. We must manage our risk, and let them manage their business.
The art of lending is to find that sweet spot.

Fintex solves the income challenge

Generating reliable income is very challenging nowadays.

Returns available in traditional credit are not exciting and insufficient given the risks involved.

Alternative lending opens new opportunities.

Meanwhile, this is a complex asset class requiring thorough expertise and proper focus. Fintex offers both.

High yields, stable income.

With innovative technology and an experienced team we analyse large data sets to identify low-risk portfolio lending opportunities.

We lend when others don’t.

Fintex operates in markets less populated by traditional lenders that offer ample protection. Just because a market is under-banked, that does not mean it isn’t bankable.

5-year track record of attractive returns

Designed for institutions & family office

Platform selection
  • Sustainable, scalable lending programs
  • Platforms undergo a stringent DD process
  • Transactions are structured to minimise risk
Privileged access
  • Privileged access to high quality borrowers
  • Strong relationships with repeat borrowers
  • Scalability: lending programs grow with time
Risk management
  • Proprietary credit risk management tools
  • Industry-leading monitoring & reporting
  • Implementation of best lending practices
Proprietary tech
  • Big data hub
  • Smart data visualisation
  • Tech tools tailor-made to provide deep insights
Team &
Team & experience
  • Highly qualified team with a proven track record
  • Portfolio is up & running, performing well
  • Strong relationships across the ecosystem
Cost efficiency
  • Systematically minimise cash drag
  • Trained in managing cash & collateral
  • Robust cost controls in place

Why Fintex

Generating attractive income is very difficult in current markets. In traditional credit, returns are not exciting and appear insufficient in light of the risk involved.

The Fintech revolution has opened up new lending horizons. Enormous growth in private debt has opened new opportunities. We also scan alternative debt markets to find attractive Special Situations.

They all require traditional credit expertise dedication and the ability to apply tech in smart analytics.

Fintex Capital operates with a new approach to solving the income challenge:

We design repeat lending programs to achieve capital preservation and attractively high yields

We focus on traditional repeat borrowers as well as hand-picked fintech platforms

We achieve long-term stability through investments in short duration assets

Solid credit structuring expertise enables us to build robust protection and minimise risk

We optimise returns by minimising cash drag

Proprietary technology delivers data-driven insights, including Early Warning Indicators

Early Warning Indicators are crucial to ensure we can exit our investments before it’s too late

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