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The Fintex Story

Fintex was launched as a unique investment firm in 2015 with an initial focus on institutional capital and tech-enabled credit.

Over the past 5 years, our business has grown and evolved.

Today, with $150m in AuM, Fintex is recognised as an innovative asset manager in alternative credit, delivering attractive returns and steady income to a variety of institutions & family offices.

Launch of Fintex Partners

Fintex Partners was created as an aggregator of platform investments for institutional investors

Launch of Fintex

Fintex Capital (Luxembourg) is incorporated as an aggregator of institutional credit investments

Fintex Origin Europe launched

Origin Germany invests in German consumer loans with institutional backing

LISA 1.0 launched

Fintex first proprietary risk management tool, LISA 1.0, was launched

Aggregator of the year

Fintex wins the Altfi ‘Aggregator of the Year’ award for the innovations it brought to the institutional investment market

LISA 2.0 launched

Fintex releases a second version of its proprietary risk management tool, LISA

Fintex Asset Backed launched

Fintex Asset-Backed, exclusively focused on UK assets, is born. FAB is designed to deliver steady retuns for instituions and family offices

Fintex Origin USA launched

Origin US invests institutional capital in US consumer loans

$100m AuM

Fintex reaches $100m AUM

Fabulous Fintex Tool live

Fintex launches its Fabulous Fintex Tool (FFT): a 21st century reporting platform for our institutional partners

Fintex Asset Backed grows

Fintex onboards more institutional capital to grow and diversify Fintex Asset Backed, its UK secured lending platform

Fintex Specialty Finance goes live

Fintex launches its 2nd discretionary investment fund – Fintex Specialty Finance

Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year

Fintex wins Altfi’s ‘Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year’ award for 2019

Introducing: FiRE

Fintex launches the Fintex Reporting Experience (FiRE) which enables investors to see and analyse their portfolio 24/7 in the cloud

LISA 3.0 goes live

Fintex further enhances its risk management tool to provide its institutional partners with 24/7 real time access to portfolio performance analytics


Fintex Origin Germany invested €200m in German consumer loans

Fintex Capital is a specialised asset manager focused exclusively on alternative credit

How Fintex solves the income challenge

Our investment beliefs

Fintex investments are supported by a unique combination of infrastructure, innovation and human capabilities.

This combination is immensely powerful.

  • Philosophy
    Top-notch underwriting, steady origination, high quality deal flow and flawless execution
  • People
    Top quality team: proven track record and deep credit experience
  • Programs
    Sustainable repeat lending programs to deliver capital preservation and regular income
  • Processes
    Custom-made technology to increase efficiency, reduce risk and minimise costs

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