Meet Phil

Philip Schajer

Philip has been a core part of Fintex Capital's senior team since the firm's inception in 2013.

Philip qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Kingston Smith LLP having spent five years in audit, tax and corporate finance for a range of companies. During this time he was involved in cross-jurisdictional pre-IPO due diligence as well as complex tax planning, asset and business valuations. Thereafter, Philip was appointed CFO of Moyses Stevens, a private-equity backed business in luxury retail. During this time, Philip oversaw multiple capital raisings and was involved in building a highly skilled management team to lead the business, as well as reformulating internal processes and procedures. Following his decision to leave the company in 2007, Philip was asked to remain on the company’s board for several months. Since the establishment of Fintex Capital in 2013, Philip has been involved in a wide range of strategic transactions, across advisory and investments. Within the P2P sector, Philip has been a key participant in all of Fintex Capital’s activity in Fintech and marketplace lending. Philip is experienced in technology and involved in Fintex’s Digital and Internet Strategies. Philip also has many years of experience in corporate governance matters and he sits on the board of a number of investment entities around the world. He graduated from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) in International Studies.

Our Team

A blend of fintech & private credit experts.

Fintex was founded in 2015 by our CEO Robert Stafler and Jérôme Anglade, both fintech veterans who previously held senior positions at JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Citi, respectively. Today our team combines decades of experience across fintech, private debt, securitisation markets, real estate finance, specialty finance including consumer credit and SME lending.

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