Fintex was founded
to transform the way
institutions access
alternative credit.

Our story
On the back of decade-long credit and investment experience, and after working for many years with some of the world's leaders in marketplace lending, Robert Stafler and Jérôme Anglade saw that multiple, innovative and high-quality lending platforms were hungry for large-scale credit capital.

Meanwhile, most large institutional investors lacked the infrastructure or the time to capitalise on this investment opportunity.

That's where Fintex comes in. Fintex Capital was designed specifically to provide this missing link.

Our aim is to deliver capital preservation, consistent income and superior risk-adjusted returns in meaningful size.

Our team

Our team has many years of experience in alternative credit and has an in-depth understanding of securitisation markets, real estate, consumer finance and structured credit. Our experience in investing on some of the world's leading credit marketplaces and our strong track record in alternative lending puts us in a unique position to create robust lending strategies and achieve attractive returns through the cycle.

Fintex Capital leverages technology.

Thorough risk management, bespoke reporting, ongoing monitoring, data standardisation and the implementation of best lending practices are all part of our DNA.

Fintex has won multiple awards for our approach to leveraging technology in managing credit risk.

Find out more about how Fintex makes it easy for sophisticated investors to make sizable investments in our lending platforms.

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