Robert Stafler

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

Since our firm’s inception, Robert Stafler leads the activities of Fintex Capital as Chief Executive.

Rob is a veteran investor in alternative credit. His involvement in marketplace lending started as early as 2007, which is when the Fintech industry was born. At the time, Rob invested in a young German fintech start-up, auxmoney GmbH, as an early-stage seed investor. For the next 7 years, Rob actively participated in growing the company and shaping its nascent marketplace for consumer loans. Today, auxmoney is continental Europe’s largest online lender, having given birth to well in excess of €2 billion worth of loans. Since 2016 Fintex is the only multi-institutional investor on auxmoney’s marketplace for loans, having purchased receivables originated by auxmoney for in excess of €200 million.

Prior to this, Robert worked at JPMorgan and JPMorgan Cazenove in Investment Banking for close to a decade with a focus on Debt and Equity Capital Markets. In 2007, he also co-founded Excellion Capital, a successful London-based merchant banking boutique combining real estate debt advisory with principal investments.

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