Bespoke lending

At Fintex Capital, we provide the capital that unlocks our borrowers’ potential. We offer:

  • Borrower friendly, hassle-free loans
  • We lend when others don’t
  • Fundamental experience in fintech, specialty finance and real estate
  • Innovative, award-winning lender

Our focus

While we are dedicated to delivering tailor made solutions, we focus on:

  • Private debt across fintech, specialty finance, and real estate lending
  • Debt facilities backed by assets and predictable cashflows
  • Attractive and reliable income with modest risk
  • Fintex often lends to lending businesses

Socially responsible

Our investments are impactful, and we're committed to finding innovative ways to invest responsibly while generating attractive returns for our investors.

At Fintex, we believe that investing responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. That's why we specialise in the “S” in ESG - social responsibility. We believe that companies that prioritise social responsibility are more likely to create long-term value and sustainable growth. That's why we actively seek out investments that align with our values and investment philosophy. We're proud to be a responsible investor and to make a positive impact on the world through our investments.

Award winning Lender

Our unique approach is recognised by the industry


Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the year

AltFi 2019


Most Innovative Private Debt Firm

Wealth & Finance Ethical Finance Awards 2022


Alternative Investment Manager

WealthBriefing European Awards 2023


Investment Fund of the Year

Money Age 2023


Aggregator of the Year

AltFi 2016

Lending tailored to our unique borrowers

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