Fintex by design

There are times that you know just what you want and need someone to execute your vision. Or perhaps you know what you need but require some assistance getting there.

Fintex Capital works with institutional investors to create innovative solutions that fit their unique requirements. Our team has many years of experience in alternative credit and an in-depth understanding of securitisation markets, real estate, consumer finance and structured credit. This gives us the ability to accurately assess our institutional investors' needs and design ideal solutions, made to measure.

Our customers are pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, banks and sophisticated family offices.

As one of the older players in a relatively new sector, you benefit from thoughtful insights and privileged access with lending platforms.

Turnkey Issuance

Fintex issues clearable securities in a standardised format.

We pay particular attention to the alignment of interest and the minimisation of cash drag.

Fintex Capital has ring-fenced compartments by Law allowing a clear segregation of assets and liabilities between them.

There is statutory recognition of contractual limited recourse, non-petition and subordination of the securities issued by Fintex, which offers a great means to achieve insolvency remoteness.

Fintex Capital SA reports to the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (BCL)
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