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Blog | 12 Mar 2024 | Joon Cho
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Private Debt is becoming progressively more important

Importance of Private Debt

It is now widely acknowledged that family offices are progressively increasing their allocation to Private Debt. However, an important question arises: How do these offices identify their investment opportunities?

A recent survey by Fidelity Investments of 83 single family offices, managing a total of $432 billion in assets, found that 72% rely on their network of individual deal makers, such as asset managers and investment bankers. Another 25% use channels like external advisors, family offices, and wealth managers. Surprisingly, only 2% use online marketplace platforms. Family offices typically engage in either co-investing alongside asset managers or investing directly into the manager’s fund.

This trend is evident at Fintex Capital as well, where several family offices have participated in both the fund and gained exclusive access to co-investment opportunities.


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