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Blog | 28 Jul 2021 | Fintex Team
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Our Story

Founded with an initial focus on tech-enabled credit, we started lending in 2016.

Since then, our firm has grown and diversified. We remain true to our original mission: to lend where others don’t. We do so with an exceptional team of in-depth experience, backed by smart tech and a can-do attitude. Today, having lent more than $400 million across the UK, Europe and the US, we are recognised as one of the most innovative lenders in our industry.


Jan 2024

Fintex expands mezzanine funding to ThinCats

Jul 2023

Fintex provides senior funding line to specialist car financier Go Car Credit Limited

Jul 2023

Fintex hits over £300m investment milestone

Apr 2023

Alternative Investment Manager 2023

Wealth Briefing has named Fintex as Alternative Investment Manager at the Wealth ...
Jun 2022

Most Innovative Private Debt Firm

Fintex named “ Most Innovative Private Debt Firm” at the Wealth & ...
Dec 2021

Fintex’s funds

Fintex’s funds once again outperformed their targets, with zero defaults or arrears
Nov 2021

Launch of First BNPL finance for SMEs

Launch of First BNPL finance for SMEs
Jul 2021

First SME loan

Mezz funding line to Thincats enables £400m of SME loans
Jul 2021

Fintex Ventures

New fund for FinTech and Early Stage companies launched. We take selective ...
Jul 2021

FiRE 2.0

Personalised Fintex Reporting Experience launched
Jun 2020

Excellent Year

Despite COVID, all Fintex’s funds outperformed targets, zero defaults or arrears
May 2020

$150m AUM

Fintex reaches $150m in AuM
Apr 2020

KYC by Fintex

Digital onboarding launched to take the pain out of KYCs
Mar 2020


Fintex Origin Germany invested €200m in German consumer loans
Feb 2020

LISA 3.0 goes live

Fintex further enhances its risk management tool to provide its institutional partners ...
Jan 2020

Introducing: FiRE

Fintex launches the Fintex Reporting Experience (FiRE) which enables investors to see ...
Apr 2019

Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year

Fintex wins Altfi’s ‘Alternative Credit Fund Manager of the Year’ award for ...
Mar 2019

Fintex Specialty Finance goes live

Fintex launches its 2nd discretionary investment fund – Fintex Specialty Finance
Feb 2019

Fintex Asset Backed grows

Fintex onboards more institutional capital to grow and diversify Fintex Asset Backed, ...
Jan 2019

Fabulous Fintex Tool live

Fintex launches its Fabulous Fintex Tool (FFT): a 21st century reporting platform ...
Feb 2018

$100m AuM

Fintex reaches $100m AUM
Jan 2018

Fintex Origin USA launched

Origin US invests institutional capital in US consumer loans
Jan 2017

Fintex Asset Backed launched

Fintex Asset-Backed, exclusively focused on UK assets, is born. FAB is designed ...
Apr 2016

LISA 2.0 launched

Fintex releases a second version of its proprietary risk management tool, LISA
Mar 2016

Aggregator of the year

Fintex wins the Altfi ‘Aggregator of the Year’ award for the innovations ...
Feb 2016

LISA 1.0 launched

Fintex first proprietary risk management tool, LISA 1.0, was launched
Jan 2016

Fintex Origin Europe launched

Origin Germany invests in German consumer loans with institutional backing
Feb 2015

Launch of Fintex Lux

Fintex Capital (Luxembourg) is incorporated as an aggregator of institutional credit investments
Jan 2015

Launch of Fintex Partners

Fintex Partners was created as an aggregator of platform investments for institutional ...

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